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Best Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

Cold Sleepers

Are you always freezing and can’t sleep at night because you’re so cold? It might sound weird for anyone in Texas but it happens more often than you think! We’ve got the hottest tips and expert recommendations to keep you warm and cozy!

Why Your Mattress Matters

When people are concerned about body temperature as it pertains to their sleep, it’s important to look at the design and components of your mattress. If you sleep hot, you typically want as much space for air to flow (think, innerspring, pocketed coils, and latex). But if you’re a cold sleeper, you want your mattress to retain as much of your body heat as possible. There is good news for our cold sleeper friends though – you have far fewer limitations than your hotter sleeping counterparts!

Foam Is Your Friend!

If you’re a cold sleeper, foam is your best friend. In fact, the best mattresses for cold sleepers are probably ones made up of 100% foam. Memory foam was originally developed by NASA but since then has become a mainstay in the bedding industry thanks to its comfort and durability. Memory foam mattresses can come in all types of comfort feels from soft to firm and they provide excellent lumbar support as it contours to your body to help relieve aches and pains.

Expert note: Memory foam may feel firm at first but as you continue to lay on it, it will contour to your body creating a cloud-like feeling.

memory foam

Sleep Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress:

  • Minimal Partner Disturbance – Memory foam actually absorbs energy and responds locally to movement which can be helpful if you don’t want to wake your partner when you roll over at night (or vice versa!)
  • Support – Memory foam actually gets softer as you continue to lay on it which creates a cradle-like effect that relieves pressure and provides an even level of support.
  • Adjustable Foundation Compatibility – Memory foam mattresses are the perfect pair for an adjustable foundation. These foundations are beneficial to people who suffer from a variety of ailments from physical pain to insomnia.

Our Expert Recommendations:

Need More?

If you’re not ready to upgrade your mattress but you still need to fight off shivering all night, check out these tips from our experts!

Check out our Recommended Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

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