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Yelp’s Best Houston Mattress Store


It is difficult to stand out as number one in any industry. It certainly doesn’t help that mattresses are generally similar in appearance. Many mattress stores take advantage of this and carry the same or near copies of mattresses available in other stores. To make matters worse, these stores are often filled with sales people who are not thoroughly trained in the product or a large variety of sleep needs.

At Texas Mattress Makers, we make our mattresses by hand. Our Mattress Experts have all worked the production line. They take the time to fully understand our products down to the raw materials. They educate you on what lies beneath the surface, how this affects the quality of the product, and the way you sleep. We help you buy the best bed for your sleep and budget needs. Customers are treated like family. Yelp reviewers, in their never-ending quest to find stores with the best prices and customer service, have taken notice.

Top Rated Mattress Store on Yelp

Visit Yelp’s “Best Mattresses in Houston” page and our profile is at the top of the list. Search for “mattresses” on Yelp then sort by “Highest Rated” and again we are there. We are very proud of our Yelp page and the fact that we have never provided an incentive to gain more reviews. We strive to maintain our reputation, but our review rating is not our top priority.

Texas Mattress Makers is not part of a fleet of chain stores. We only have two locations from which we serve the entire Greater Houston Area. When you make the conscious decision to visit one of our showrooms, our top priority is to provide an unparalleled experience. We don’t strive to have the best reviews – we want to be the very best mattress store in Houston.