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 Top 5 Sleep Benefits of Pocketed Coils

Everyone knows pocketed coils are a popular mattress type. However, it can be a bit of a challenge for many people to determine exactly why that is. We made this handy list of top 5 ways in which pocketed coils help you get quality sleep to help you select the best mattress type for your best night’s sleep.

Reduced Partner Disturbance

Pocketed coils are individually encased so they each respond independently to pressure. Any movement you or your partner make during the night will be greatly reduced!

Complete Support

Each coil responds individually to the contours of the body, enabling them to fill into the gaps of your sleeping form.

Optimal Comfort

Another benefit of the fabric encased coils is their ability to minimize pressure points for premium comfort.

Enhanced Durability

The fabric encased coils are more durable than simple innerspring designs.

Cooler Sleep

Pocketed coils enables air to flow through the bed, creating a cooler sleep surface throughout the night.

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