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Snooze News Ep. 24: How To Extend The Life Of Your Mattress

How To Increase The Life of Your Mattress

If you listen to a friend or family member that grew up in the 1940-70’s they’ll tell you that if your mattress is uncomfortable, just flip it over. Easy fix, right? NOPE! Almost all mattresses (more than 90%) that are made or imported into the United States today are not constructed in a double-sided manner […]

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Snooze News Ep. 23: Box Spring 101

box spring guide

Congrats – you’re smart enough to learn the proper way to support your new mattress! The support system under your mattress is often an after-thought in the mattress industry. And if not an after-thought, it’s marketing ‘spin’ to bundle a box spring with a mattress and can be confusing the consumer. Let us break it […]

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Snooze News Ep. 22: How To Sleep Cooler

Sleep Cooler with a new mattress

The Coolest Game Changer If you’re like us and are braving the humidity of Houston in July, you’re likely turning down the AC and turning up the fans. Like most Houstonians, you’re seeing an increasing amount of ‘how to stay cool in bed’ advertisements. Rather than turning your house into a meat-locker, or buying an […]

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Snooze News Episode 18: Memorial Day Matters

Snooze News Episode 18 Memorial Day Matters Every once in a while you come across an organization that so uniquely aligns with your mission you have no other choice – we have to get to know those people! Well, for Texas Mattress Makers that connection was with our (now) good friends at Memorial Day Flowers. […]

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Snooze News Ep. 16: Sleep Positions

Snooze News Episode 16 Sleep Positions We’ve all been there…you’re lying in bed and you just can’t seem to get comfortable. No matter how you toss-and-turn something is always hurting. Lying on your side your shoulder hurts and on your back you just feel like you have no support.  As the hours tick by you […]

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Snooze News Episode 10: A Behind The Scenes Beducation

SNOOZE NEWS: A Behind-The-Scenes Look At A Custom Mattress Fitting! We understand that it takes a little bit of time to visit one of our showrooms to pick out a new mattress. After watching this episode of SNOOZE NEWS we hope that you understand why it’s so important. So pay close attention to each of […]