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Snooze News Ep. 22: How To Sleep Cooler

Sleep Cooler with a new mattress

The Coolest Game Changer If you’re like us and are braving the humidity of Houston in July, you’re likely turning down the AC and turning up the fans. Like most Houstonians, you’re seeing an increasing amount of ‘how to stay cool in bed’ advertisements. Rather than turning your house into a meat-locker, or buying an […]

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Snooze News Ep 21: Take Our Quiz to Find Your Perfect Mattress!

find your perfect mattress

After a long week at work and restless nights on your mattress that just isn’t cutting it anymore…wouldn’t it be nice if you could shop for a new Texas Mattress Makers mattress online without ever leaving the comfort of your home? If only you could put your faith and trust in the hometown company that […]

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Snooze News Episode 20: Bloopers!

As a belated Father’s Day present, this week’s episode of Snooze News highlights the sweet, and very funny, relationship between our Owner, Youval Meicler and his daughter Rachael. Here’s just a few of some of the funniest moments we’ve caught on tape. Enjoy! If you’d like to see more of our hilarious owner, view more […]