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Best Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

Cold Sleepers

Are you always freezing and can’t sleep at night because you’re so cold? It might sound weird for anyone in Texas but it happens more often than you think! We’ve got the hottest tips and expert recommendations to keep you warm and cozy! Why Your Mattress Matters When people are concerned about body temperature as […]

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Recommended Mattresses for Cold Sleepers

getting warm in bed

Sleeping cold at night is no joke. Shivering and battling to stay warm interrupts and decreases the quality of your sleep. If you’re serious about getting and staying warm our experts recommend trying out a 100% foam mattress. All-Memory Foam Mattresses Featured Components: This line of mattresses is made up of 100% foam. However, the density […]

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8 Tips For a Cold Sleeper

cold in bed

If you are cold sleeper there is nothing worse than waking up constantly trying to find ways to stay warm!  Quality sleep is important for your overall physical and emotional health and it can be heavily disrupted if you cannot seem to stay warm at night to stay asleep.  There are tips and tricks you can follow […]

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Hot Sleeper vs Cold Sleeper: What Type of Sleeper Are You?

Are you a Hot or Cold Sleeper

Are you a hot sleeper and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night sweating?  Or, are you a cold sleeper and constantly wake up trying to find more blankets to get warmer?  Whether you are a hot or cold sleeper, quality of sleep is directly linked to your body temperature and whether you […]