Noah Allen Plush Mattress

Starting At $1,570.00

A plushy, medium firm mattress with an increased amount of pocketed coils and memory foam for added comfort and durability.

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Mattress Type: Hybrid
Overall Height: 12”
Layers: Memory Foam, High density support layer, Pocketed Coil System
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About the Noah Allen Plush Mattress

The Noah Allen Plush Mattress is designed to offer a happy medium between a firm and soft mattress. It is made with 920 pocketed coils* which gives you the ultimate support and makes the mattress more durable so you can sleep well for years to come. The Noah Allen Plush also features a memory foam with the perfect density to provide a plush feeling that relieves pressure as you sleep. This mattress is suitable for all sleeping positions.

*coil count is based on a queen-sized mattress.

How it Feels

The Noah Allen Plush Mattress provides a luxurious medium-firm feel ideal for all sleeping positions.

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