Niagara Gel Plush Memory Foam Mattress

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Memory Foam Mattress designed for a soft feel ideal for all sleep positions.

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Niagara Mattress Type: Memory Foam
Overall Height: 13”
Layers: Cooling gel infused memory foam, memory foam comfort layer, 1″ memory foam support layer, super high-density foam core layer, stabilizing base foam, Sereni Sleep® fire retardant fiber
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About the Niagara Mattress:
The Niagara mattress was custom designed with luxurious plush comfort in mind. It features six layers of foam, including a cooling gel-infused memory foam layer, and a high-density layer for extra body support and weight distribution.  Memory foam may feel firm at first touch.  However, as you continue to rest on a memory foam mattress it will glove to your body.  As a result, many people describe the feel as melting into a softly cushioned cloud.  It creates a cradle-like effect as the mattress fills into the contours of the body.  This distributes and relieves pressure in order to provide excellent lumbar, or back support.  Additionally, memory foam absorbs energy and responds locally to movement, which isolates surface movement, minimizing partner disturbance.

How it Feels:
The Niagara mattress provides a soft feel that’s ideal for all sleep positions.

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