Florence Dual Latex Select Mattress

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Quantum Pocketed Coil + Copper Latex + Celsion Latex Mattress designed for a soft feel ideal for side and back sleepers.

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The Florence Hybrid mattress incorporates top of the line features to offer the ultimate luxurious sleep experience.  The Florence derives support from the Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coil System. This pocketed coil unit boasts an extremely high coil count. It offers nearly 200% more coils than a standard mattress! A higher coil count distributes your weight across more coils, enabling better spine alignment. This means you sleep with the ultimate posturizing support. Each coil has been engineered with Fine Wire Technology™. This feature uses high tensile, stress relieved wire to create lasting resiliency. This limits sleep impression and wear over time.

This bed also offers premium comfort using a combination of two different latex layers, one layer of Celsion latex and another layer of Copper Infused Latex.  Latex offers the same pressure relief as memory foam, but also provides just the right amount of “bounciness” that you do not get with typical memory foam. This bounciness creates the push back needed to enable easier surface movement. The open cell structure lifts your body to allow air to flow through. This creates an escape path for body heat so you sleep cooler.  Additionally, the Copper Infused Latex is made with the mineral that is said to help relieve joint pain.

Celsion latex adds additional protection from sleeping warm. It features Phase Changing Material technology which helps you sleep at the ideal temperature zone. It absorbs heat released from the body and cools you down when you are too warm then warms you when you are too cold. This feature helps provide the ideal body temperature for more restful sleep.

How it Feels:
The Florence mattress provides a luxurious soft feel ideal for side and back sleepers.

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