Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm Mattress

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The Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm mattress offers extreme support and comfort throughout the night. This ultra-firm and premium comfort bed isolates surface movement — ensuring fewer disturbances from an active sleeper partner.

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About the Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm Mattress

The Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm mattress is made with top-of-the-line, gel-infused memory foam that provides the ultimate in comfort and support. Upon your first touch, the mattress may feel too firm, but as you continue to use it, it will contour to your body, and you’ll experience a comfortable bed that promotes a full night’s rest.

The gel-infused memory foam evenly distributes and relieves pressure to ensure you have the best in back and lumbar support. And, memory foam absorbs energy and responds locally to movement — isolating surface movement and minimizing partner disturbances.


The Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm mattress offers the ultimate comfort in back and lumbar support. Unlock its full benefits by utilizing this mattress for:
Sleeper Position: Back or stomach
Age: Adults – seniors
Environment: Bedrooms and guest rooms

Product Details

Mattress Type: Memory Foam
Overall Height: 9”
Support Layers:  Super high-density foam core layer, stabilizing base foam layer, and Sereni Sleep® fire-retardant fiber.
Comfort Layers: Cooling gel-infused memory foam

Quilt and fabric of mattress subject to change. This is a cosmetic change only and has no effect on the comfort or support of the mattress.

Warranty Information

Available Prorated Warranty: 10 years

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Our factory warranties do not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear of the mattress
  • Comfort preference changes over time — after the 90-night break-in period
  • Visible dips and sinking-related issues with your mattress caused by a defective box spring or bed frame that was supplied by another manufacturer