Bel Air Gel Euro Top Deluxe

Starting At $860.00

Pocketed Coil Hybrid Mattress designed for a soft feel



Bel Air Gel Euro Top Deluxe Mattress Type: Hybrid + Euro Top
Overall Height: 15”
Layers: Low profile Softech™ Micro Pocketed Coil Topper with foam padding, cooling gel infused memory foam, high performance foam layers, pocketed coil spring system, Sereni Sleep® fire retardant fiber
Edge Support: Foam encasement to improve perimeter consistency and create a firmer edge
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About the Bel Air Gel Euro Top Deluxe Mattress
This pocketed coil mattress offers a soft “cloud-like” feel. It features two pocketed coil spring units. One unit for support, and the Softech™ Micro Pocketed Coil Topper. This unique feature is specifically designed to place the premium support of pocketed coils into the upper comfort layers of a mattress. This comfort layer is constructed with smaller, highly flexible coils. The smaller coil size increases the responsive areas. As a result, this topper minimizes pressure points. These micro coils provide superior comfort with a bouncy yet luxuriously soft feel.

The pocketed coil support system separates motion and limits partner disturbance. Pocketed coils allow airflow which leads to a cooler and more restful sleep throughout the night. A layer of cutting edge cooling gel infused memory foam relieves pressure points, promoting blood circulation and reducing the need to toss and turn.

How It Feels:
The Bel Air Gel Euro Top Deluxe Mattress provides a soft feel ideal for both side and back sleepers. This mattress utilizes high-level components making it great for every day, long-term use.

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