Order a Custom Mattress

The first thing you may think after you hear the word “custom” is “expensive”. However, one of the many benefits of shopping direct from our factory includes everyday low, factory direct prices. We make every mattress we sell so you only pay for the materials used in your bed – there is no up-charge for customization! The mattress of your dreams might cost much less than you think when you shop factory direct.


We Can Customize ANY ASPECT of Your New Bed!

  • Any size
  • Any shape
  • Any comfort level / mattress feel
  • Any custom mattress design

Each Mattress Expert has actual experience making mattresses by hand. They know how the materials all come together to affect your sleep. They are specially trained to fit you to a bed based on your specific sleep needs, and will make sure you get the perfect fit for your sleep needs. If you don't find what you are looking for, we can always make something specifically to fit your sleep needs.

Common Custom Mattress Needs

  • Sofa Sleepers and Daybeds
  • Antique Beds
  • Boat / Yacht Beds
  • RV beds
  • Texas Sized Beds
  • Your side / Their side comfort beds
  • Flippable / Double sided mattresses
  • Extra Long / Elongated Beds
  • Custom Fitted Comfort
  • Beds with Unique Shapes
  • European Beds

Learn More About Common Custom Mattress Types: