On average, you spend a third of your life sleeping. Want to learn more about what to look for before making a big investment on a new mattress? As one of the leading sleep experts in the country, we want to help you become a better shopper by debunking six common erroneous mattress buying assumptions. View our Mattress Myths videos below to learn more!

Mattress Myth #1: One Size Fits All

Many mattress manufacturers mass produce types of mattresses and sell a handful of standard mattresses to everyone, as if what works for one person would work for everyone else. Watch our Mattress Myth #1 video to find out how we make the perfect surface that works best for you, 100% of the time.

Mattress Myth #2: All Mattresses Are the Same

Every single mattress is created with different types of materials. This means that similarities end with the visual aspect. They all look the same, but there are many components that will determine whether a specific individual will have a good night’s sleep. Watch our Mattress Myth #2 video to learn about which elements will make you feel well-rested.

Mattress Myth #3: Relying on Technology vs. Experts

In addition to materials, what makes a mattress a good choice also depends on your body type and preferred sleeping position. Our mattress experts will ask all of the right questions (even things you hadn’t thought about!) to help you narrow down the best options that are available specifically for you. Watch our Mattress Myth #3 video about how we can help.

Mattress Myth #4: You Need to Buy a New Mattress Every 8 Years

Do you know how often you need to change your mattress? Considering that it’s often a significant investment, it’s important to know how to separate fact from fiction. Depending on the materials used on your mattress, you may be able to sleep comfortably on your mattress of choice for up to a decade or even longer. Watch our Mattress Myth #4 video to understand what affects a mattress’ lifespan.

Mattress Myth #5: The Only Thing That Matters When Choosing Your Mattress Is Comfort

Buying a bed with adequate firmness means that you have to actually feel what it’s like to lay on it. Yet, in addition to what feels comfortable, you need to be able to know whether there are any gaps between your body and the mattress, where you should have support. Our mattress experts can help you find that perfect fit.

Mattress Myth #6: Customization = Expensive

One of the many things that makes us stand out in our industry is that we provide fully customized mattresses. While this may sound exorbitantly expensive, you may be surprised to find how affordable they actually are. This is because we make all our mattresses in-house and it doesn’t take any extra time to create a custom fit for you.