Pocketed Coils Mattresses

Pocketed coil spring units are made up of fabric encased coils. This separation enables each coil to respond individually to pressure, making it an ideal support system. Pocketed Coil mattresses offer high responsiveness and increased body contouring.

  • Body Contour – The individual response to pressure offered by pocketed coils also permits the mattress to conform to the contours of your body, providing optimal posturizing support.
  • Optimal Support –Pocketed coil units are resilient and can support any body shape or size.
  • Minimal Partner Disturbance – The separate encasement of each spring in a pocketed coil unit causes each coil to respond individually to pressure, effectively limiting motion transfer.
  • Lasting Quality & Durability – A pocketed coil unit, as well as the coils which compose it, maintains its designed form over time, creating a more durable and longer lasting sleep surface.
  • Highly Resilient – The springs inside each pocketed coil will recover quickly (based on the amount of pressure applied) with different amounts of “force” behind them which enables easier position changes.
  • Cooler Sleep – Air goes in and out with little to no resistance in either direction, creating a cooler more breathable sleep surface.