Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow top mattresses have a comfort layer section on top of the mattress which has been upholstered around the perimeter to create a more distinct look. A traditional pillow top bed separates this top layer by an inch or two around the edges. Euro top beds are also considered pillow tops, but the top comfort layer is flush with the rest of the bed with only a seam separating it from the lower layers. Pillow top mattresses can have a variety of feels depending on how the mattress is constructed but it most commonly offers a plush or medium-firm feel.


Due to the variety of feels and support options, pillow top mattresses are an excellent candidate for almost anyone. It is often a good option for side sleepers because it offers added cushion on top. Please consult with a Mattress Expert to learn more about what mattress type would be best for you sleep needs.