Open Coil Component

Everything You Need to Know about VertiCoil and OpenCoil Edge Innerspring Systems

Experience the sleep quality provided by a uniquely supportive Open Coil and Open Coil Edge Innerspring Systems. Each coil is engineered with Active Support Technology®, allowing them to adjust instantly to your active sleeping. This enables your muscles to relax in a more natural sleep position. These systems also offer an increased coil count to provide more surface coverage and better support. The larger-head, open-offset coil design promotes proper spinal alignment so you get the support you need for deeper, more restful sleep.

Sleep Benefits of Open Coil and Open Coil Edge Innerspring Systems:

  • Multiple Mattress Comfort Options – Spring mattresses are the most common mattress types because it is affordable and satisfies a wide range of support and comfort needs.
  • Highly resilient – This innerspring system is made to retain elasticity over time.
  • It Recovers its Shape – Many people prefer the “bounce back” provided by innersprings over the “sink in” feeling provided by memory foam. It is easier to adjust your sleep position on an spring bed because it recovers its original shape quickly rather than collapsing slowly under pressure.
  • Cooler sleep – Innerspring mattresses have an open structure which prevents heat buildup, enabling them to sleep 28% cooler than foam. (Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research)