Inner Spring Mattresses

Innerspring mattresses incorporate a continuous coil spring unit. Innerspring mattresses can have a variety of feels depending on how the mattress is constructed but it most notably offers a surface sleep with minimal body conformation and a bounce back responsiveness to pressure.

Sleep Benefits of an Innerspring Mattress:

  • Highly resilient – Springs are elastic and will recover quickly with different amounts of “force” behind them to return to their original shape.
  • Cooler sleep – Innerspring mattresses have an open structure which prevents heat buildup, enabling them to sleep 28% cooler than foam. (Research conducted by Kansas State University and the Institute of Environmental Research)


Due to the variety of feels and support options, innerspring mattresses are an excellent candidate for almost anyone. Please consult with a Mattress Expert to learn more about what mattress type would be best for you sleep needs.