How do I choose a mattress?

Choosing a new mattress can sometimes feel like a project. Just as with any other major decision in your life, there are many elements you need to consider. Your body type, your weight, your preferred sleeping position, all have an impact on what type of bed can meet your specific needs. How your spine aligns while sleeping makes the difference between having a good, restful sleep, or going through your day with chronic back pain. Hot sleepers need better air flow. Older individuals may need extra surface support to get up and out of bed, while those who sleep with a companion want to diminish movement transfer.

Instead of feeling like a drifting boat in the ocean, let our mattress experts help you make the right decision.

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Components Designed With Your Specific Needs in Mind

The list of examples is as unique as every person who walks through our doors. Browse through our components to get an idea of what would work best for you.

Latex Component


Open Coil Component


Memory Foam Component


pocketed coils

Pocketed Coil Component

Quantum Pocketed Coil Component


Comfort Coil Component