Box Springs: Everything You Need to Know

There are three main heights for the foundation of your bed. These foundations are commonly known as box springs, and which one is best for you depends on personal preferences.

What’s the difference between a 2”, 4”, or 8” (standard) boxspring?

A 2-inch box spring is also known as a bunky board. It’s the perfect option for people who prefer lower beds, such as platforms or slats beds.

A 4-inch box spring takes the total height of your bed and increases it by four inches above the frame.

The standard size for box springs is eight and a half inches high. Generally, beds have a height of 16 inches, plus the height of the bed frame. So you would have 16+bed frame+ 8 ½ inches. If you like the look of a bed skirt around your bed, this is a good option.

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