Buying a mattress is a very personal decision. What works for someone may be different from what works best for you. Spinal support and pressure relief are crucial. Your firmness preferences and whether you sleep by yourself or with a partner also make a world of a difference. Are you a light sleeper? Hot sleeper? Prefer to sleep on your stomach? Watch the videos below to find out more about the different factors that determine what’s the best mattress for you.

Busting Mattress Myths

Do you think that lying on a mattress for a few minutes at a store is enough to help you choose the right bed for you? Is it true that you need an ultra firm mattress if you’re experiencing back pain? Are online mattresses from a box good for you? Watch our Mattress Myths video and learn how to tell fact from fiction.

Which Mattress Components are Best for You?

Memory foam. Pocketed Coils. Latex. Graphite. You’d think that knowing your firmness preferences and having a budget are a good starting point. But do you know the difference between each type of mattress materials? Whether you need lumbar support, are a hot sleeper, love “melting into” your mattress, or prefer a fire retardant bed, it’s good to know which components will provide you with the kind of mattress you need.

What is the best mattress size for me?

Choosing the size of your mattress is an important factor in finding the perfect mattress. How big is the room you are putting it in? Do you sleep with a partner who likes to spread out at night? All of these components weigh in on the size that will work best for you.

Box Springs: Everything You Need to Know

So you’ve found the perfect mattress. Did you know that there are multiple types of box springs? When you buy a mattress with Texas Mattress Makers, our team will help you pick the perfect box springs to complement your new mattress.