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How to Select Mattress Size | Texas Mattress Makers

How to Select Mattress Size

Twin size mattress (also known as a “single bed”):

The Twin mattress is the smallest mattress size which will
be the most economic option and works well in smaller spaces. Due to the
smaller size however, it may be too short for some adults, especially
men. We recommend a max height of 5’5” for individuals to sleep on a Twin
size bed.


39” x 74”

Twin XL size mattress:

A twin XL is the same width as the Twin size mattress but
offers an increased length for taller teens and adults. It is also an
economic option and good space saver, making it a popular choice in college
dormitories. It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to purchase
two Twin XL beds to push together instead of a King size. This enables
each person to select a bed with their own personal comfort and can also enable
the couple to use separate adjustable foundations. This arrangement also
offers a flexible option for guestrooms as it can sleep two individuals when
separated or a couple when pushed together. Bedding is more difficult to
locate for the Twin XL option however because it is not as common.


39” x 80”

Full size mattress (also known as a “double bed”):

The Full size is 15 inches wider than a twin at 54 inches
wide. We do not recommend a Full size for couples as this only provides
27 inches of personal space for each person which is less than the width of a
Twin. A Full is also the same length as a Twin so it may not work for
taller teens and adults. Full size beds are increasing in popularity
among parents for teenage bedrooms since they offer more space for comfortable
sleep. The extra space may be helpful for younger children and their
parents when reading together before bed.


54” x 74”

Queen size mattress:

A Queen size bed is 6 inches wider and 5 inches longer than
a full size mattress. These added inches make the Queen bed the most
popular mattress size choice. It provides more space for individuals who
have a wide sleeping position, an increased height allowance, and adequate
space recommended for couples. This wide range of advantages makes the
Queen size a good choice for guestrooms, smaller master bedrooms, couples who
prefer close quarters, or seek a more budget friendly alternative to the King
size bed. However, when shared by two people, each person has 9 inches
less width than if they slept alone in a Twin bed.


60” x 80”

King size mattress:

The King size mattress is about 18 inches wider than a
Queen, providing the most personal space for couples with only one inch less
than an individual would have on a Twin bed. For this reason, a King size
mattress is a good option for couples who want maximum personal sleeping space,
especially if they have children or pets who like to pop into bed with them
from time to time. However, the size of a King is something to consider
as it may be too big for some bedrooms or too bulky to navigate through some
corridors, doors and stairwells. We recommend measuring the space and pathways leading
to the space to ensure that it can accommodate the size of a king prior to


76” x 80”

California King size mattress:

The California King bed is 4 inches narrower and 4 inches
longer than a regular king, making it a must have option for individuals who
are exceptionally tall. Bedding is not as easy to find for a California
King compared to the more common sizes.


72” x 84”

Pros & Cons List for Common Mattress Sizes based on
Sleep Needs


Queen – saves space in smaller bedrooms, most economic

King – provides additional sleeping space, added length for
taller people, meets the minimum width requirement for “His side, Her side”
custom comfort which enables the couple to have their own unique comfort feel
on their side of the bed

California King – most expensive option but is a must for
extra tall people who need the added length but bedding may be more difficult
to find

Youth / kids:

Twin – most economic choice for budget and space

Full – enables more personal space for sleep comfort and
tuck-in time visits from the parents

Queen – enables more room for taller teens and personal
space for “sprawlers”

Single adult:

Twin – most economic option and saves space in tighter
rooms; may not work for taller people

Twin XL – conserves room space but provides extra length for
taller people

Queen – longer length, provides more room for personal
comfort and potential to sleep and additional adult, but is a more expensive

Guest room bed:

Twin – cheapest option & saves space but might not be
long enough for every guest and can only sleep one person

Two Twin XL- the increased length enables a wider range of
guests to sleep comfortably, the two beds can be operated to sleep two
individuals or pushed together to sleep a couple; bedding may be more difficult
to find

Full – enables more personal space for sleep comfort but may
not be long enough for every guest; can only sleep one adult

Queen – long enough for most people and provides enough room
for a couple

Mattress Size Checklist:

Mattress Dimensions & Room Size – smaller rooms
may inhibit a larger mattress size

Budget – smaller mattress sizes will be more

The purpose of the mattress – for example: a
guestroom mattress is not used as frequently as a personal mattress and should
be comfortable for a wide range of sleep preferences

Sleep preferences – for example: a Queen size bed may
be more suitable than a twin for an individual who likes to sleep in a starfish

Height – make sure the mattress dimensions are long
enough to support the height of the resting body