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How to Measure Mattress Dip or Sag

A mattress is often a substantial investment, so any changes in the surface area of your bed can often cause concern.  As you can learn in our article about The Difference Between Natural Body Impressions and Mattress Sag, not every dip in your mattress is cause for alarm. In this article, we will help you learn how to measure a dip in your mattress so you can determine whether your bed has healthy body impressions or unwanted mattress sagging.

Things You Will Need

  • String, broom, or yard stick
  • Painter’s tape (only needed if string is used)
  • Measuring tape or ruler (any type of measuring tape can be used, but a stiff type such as steel measuring tape is preferable)

Step 1: Preparing Your Mattress for Measurement

Remove all bedding from your mattress including sheets, pads and foam toppers so you can accurately measure the depression. Any extra materials on top of the mattress may alter your results or make it more difficult to measure. Please note that when measuring a memory foam mattress which has been laid on recently, a few hours may be required before the foam fully decompresses to its natural state.

Step 2: Avoiding Mattress Dip Measurement Mistakes

Smooth the top of the mattress with your fingers to eliminate any possible wrinkles in the fabric.

Step 3: Repairing to Measure the Dip

Lay string, broom, or yard stick across the width of the mattress so it reaches across the deepest part of the depression. If you used string, secure one end of the string to the edge of the mattress with a strip of painter’s tape then gently pull the string taut over the depression and secure it with tape onto the other side of the bed. This type of tape is best because it does not leave any residue on the fabric when removed.

Step 4: Measuring the Mattress Dip

Now that you have either string, yard stick, or broom over the depression in the mattress, you are ready to measure the dip. If you are using a stiff measuring device such as a ruler or steel measuring tape, be careful to avoid placing too much pressure onto the mattress. This could cause the dip measurement to be deeper than it really is. The tip of your measuring device should rest gently on the surface of the mattress. Look for the area where the dip is at the lowest point then measure from this area up to the bottom of the string, broom, or yard stick. This tells you how deep the impression is on your mattress.

Step 5: Interpreting the Results

If the distance of the depression in your mattress exceeds 2 inches the mattress body impression is not within the advised body impression depth. If the impression does not exceed 2 inches there is no need for concern.

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