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Houston Is Our Cause

For over 20 years, the Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children’s Fund (HFFBCF) has been helping to both prevent burn-related injuries through education and provide aid to children who have been injured. The HFFBCF has raised over $2 million to provide help & support to more than 3,000 children who have been affected by burn related injuries.

The HFFBCF provides medical equipment such as pressure-gradient burn garments which are used to help control hyperthropic scarring and shorten rehabilitation time.They also provide Christmas presents for the kids and fund programs such as Camp Janus, a summer camp for burned children, and Boots for Brighter Days, which organizes outings for recovering children at the Shriner’s burn unit with volunteer firefighters.

We, at Texas Mattress Makers, believe giving back to Houston is important. We believe in the passion that the HFFBCF and its volunteers have for the children. We are very excited to partner with HFFBCF to help raise awareness & support for fire prevention education and aid to children in the Greater Houston area who have been burned or injured in accidents, fires and other incidents. Family & Community are part of our core values and has been since the beginning. For us, it’s more than selling mattresses – it is about giving back to Houston.

During the month of June, from June 15th through July 5th, we will donate a portion of all proceeds to the HFFBCF in support of the children. Did you know we are in what’s considered trauma season? 40% injury ER visits & 42% of all injury-related deaths in children occur between May and August.  We believe it’s important to educate parents and children on fire safety.  Together, we can make a difference. 

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