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Houston Flood of 2015

On May 25th the Houston
Rockets were in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals for the first time
since 1997.  Houstonians were celebrating their team’s progress and enjoying the playoffs. Houston is not a stranger to heavy rain,
but nobody was ready for the storm that came Memorial Day weekend. By the end of the game there was 6 inches of rain on the ground and there had been over 1000 strikes of lightening throughout the
Houston skies.  By Tuesday morning the
streets were flooded, schools were closed, cars were abandoned, and houses were

This was the worst storm to
hit Houston since the hurricane of 2004. In tragedies such as this it is
crucial that people come together and help their neighbors. This is exactly
what the Houston community is doing. As a part of this community for over 25 years, we are proud to witness numerous volunteers and organizations coming together to help those in need. We would also like to extend our support. The floods claimed many people’s
personal belongings including their mattresses. A good night’s rest is
important and we understand that.  We want to offer our support to all residents
of Harris County and surrounding areas that have been affected by the recent weather.
Because we are the manufacture and the retailer, you do not have to worry about paying any additional costs which means you will spend less for a higher quality mattress.
We are offering an additional discount on a new mattress
to anyone who lost their mattress in the recent flooding.
We care about Houston and the
people that live here.  Let us be a part of rebuilding your future.