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Graphite Infused Latex

Everything You Need to Know about Graphite Infused Latex

Talalay Graphite Infused Latex is the only graphite infused Talalay Latex in the world. Graphite infused latex provides all of the benefits of classic Talalay Latex with the added benefits of the natural graphite mineral.

Sleep Benefits of Graphite Infused Talalay Latex:

  • A luxury plush feel with enhanced strength and durability
  • Graphite wicks moisture away from the body
  • Absorbs heat released from the body to enable cooler, more restful sleep
  • The natural graphite mineral provides a char barrier

Sleep Benefits of Talalay Latex:

  • Gently lifts your body for a light & buoyant experience
  • Rubber cell structure prevents collapse and limits body impression
  • Conforms and moves with your body, providing postural support and exceptional muscle relief for every sleeping position
  • Rubber cell structure prevents collapse and allows air to flow through to provide a cooler sleep surface
  • Hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant, mold & mildew proof

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