Dual Comfort Mattress

Everyone has their own specific set of sleep needs, so finding the right fit for a new bed can be a challenge. Fortunately, our mattress experts are here to help! Continue reading to learn more about dual comfort mattress, just one of our simple solutions to provide the perfect personally tailored feel for you and your partner!

What is a dual comfort mattress?

A dual comfort mattress features a unique comfort feel on each side of the bed. The mattress is specially designed with a different set of components on either side so it offers a perfect fit for each sleeping partner on an individual level.

What are the benefits of a dual comfort mattress?

A dual comfort mattress enables you and your partner to experience a custom fitted mattress made just for your personal sleep needs. Each side of the bed offers the best comfort and support for you on a personal level.

Examples of Sleep Needs Which May Differ Between You and Your Partner:

  • Sleep position
  • Body type
  • Body density (higher muscle mass makes your body denser which affects how much you sink into your mattress)
  • Comfort preferences
  • Aches, pains, injuries
  • Sleep disorders
  • and more!

How much does a dual comfort mattress cost?

At Texas Mattress Makers, we make all of our mattresses at our on-site factory. Our mattress prices are determined by production costs and the cost of the mattress components. The increase in production cost associated with making a custom dual comfort bed is not very high. Your cost will be determined by the materials used inside each bed, so you can get the best fit for your specific sleep needs without breaking the bank.

Are there any special requirements for a dual comfort mattress?

A dual comfort mattress can be used with any regular box spring foundation or platform bed. It can also be designed to work with an adjustable foundation as well. The only specific requirement for a dual comfort mattress is that it must be made in a King size or larger, in order to have enough room inside the mattress for the different mattress component configurations to function properly.

How do I order a dual comfort mattress?

Our website does not feature dual comfort mattresses because there are endless configuration options. If you are interested in purchasing a dual comfort bed, please shop our showroom. Our mattress experts will fit you to the best mattress design for you and your partner’s sleep needs and budget.