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40+ Years of Value, Quality, and Integrity

Sleep is important. Your health, your mood, your performance, and your achievements are all influenced both by the quantity and the quality of sleep you get each night. And when you sleep on a one-size-fits-all mattress that doesn’t truly fit you, you could be depriving yourself of the rest you need to be and feel your best.

That’s why in an era of out-of-the-box beds,
Texas Mattress Makers does things differently.

cutout of a bed

Since day one, we’ve believed that our customers deserve a high quality mattress at a fair price. That’s why all of our mattresses have been handmade in-house at our Houston factory using top-of-the line American-made components to ensure nothing but the highest quality mattresses make it from our showroom to your bedroom. And because we cut out the middleman, we’re able to sell a higher quality product at a much lower price than the competition.

Here’s how it all began.

Santa Barbara mattress with Texas logo

Youval Meicler, Founder of Texas Mattress Makers Owner & CEO

Making the American Dream a Reality

Texas Mattress Makers’s founder, Youval Meicler, arrived in the United States from Israel when he was 21 and quickly found his path in the furniture industry. Starting as a floor sweeper at a furniture manufacturer, Youval quickly climbed the ranks, gaining firsthand experience in everything from shipping and logistics to production. After only six years, Youval became president of the same store that he had previously been sweeping up each night. But like every chapter in the Texas Mattress Makers story, this one ends with a desire to do things better.

Texas Mattress Makers Factory Sewing

Building a Better Mattress-Buying Experience From Scratch

Having gained first hand experience in nearly every aspect of the furniture business, Youval decided to open his own manufacturing/wholesale bedding company so that he could put his knowledge toward providing a better product.

There was just one problem; most suppliers put profits ahead of quality, and only requested lower-quality mattresses that they could sell quickly for an easy buck. Knowing he was capable of making and selling the high-quality product that people deserve at fair prices, Youval decided once again to make it better on his own.

So in 2011, Texas Mattress Makers was born in Downtown Houston. Fueled by the desire to deliver better quality mattresses at better prices for our customers, Youval combined his knowledge of mattress manufacturing and sales to create an all-in-one mattress destination where customers could buy directly from the source, guided by the expertise of real-life mattress experts — not pushy salespeople.

Generations of Expertise

Texas Mattress Makers takes “family business” to a whole new level. Youval knew that he wanted to employ people who shared a similar passion and expertise for helping people find their perfect mattress. So he entrusted those closest to him who he knew would share his vision — his family.

Youval works alongside his two daughters, Rachael and Sarah, and his son Noah who greet and educate customers every day. Along with Youval’s wife Michele and his children’s aunt and uncle, this family works together to provide the Houston community with the best night’s sleep possible.

Couple sleeping on Everest Memory Foam Xtreme Firm mattress

The Texas Mattress Makers Difference

Our number one concern has always been getting you your best night’s rest. Your sleep is what keeps us up at night. We are passionate about what we do which is why we work closely with local and regional suppliers to make sure we have the most innovative technologies and the best quality components that allows us to handcraft the best possible mattresses for you. We understand that when you buy a mattress, you are investing in your physical and mental wellbeing. That’s why we’re here to help you understand just what you need to make sure you are making the right decision. That’s why our sleep experts are trained in the manufacturing process first, so that they can provide you with the information you need to make an informed purchase that’s right for your sleep needs and your budget.

Texas Mattress Makers showroom

Texas Mattress Makers is Just Getting Started

Since opening in 2011, Texas Mattress Makers has helped thousands of Texans sleep better and spend less, and has grown from our initial factory showroom into multiple locations — all of which offer the same high-quality, handmade products and superior service that made us famous.

Our commitment to better sleep at better prices has gotten Texas Mattress Makers some local media love. Youval and his team have become regulars on local news shows on KPRC 2, KHOU 11, and KTRK 13, where they share the latest mattress tips and insights with Houstonians.

And we’ve only just begun; we’re always working to source new innovations for even better mattresses and we’ll keep sharing our knowledge with the world to help anyone who needs it find the sleep they deserve.

For Youval and the people who work at Texas Mattress Makers, your sleep keeps us up at night. We truly care that you get the right mattress that will work best for you and your body type and sleep preferences. For us, we do not want to be the biggest and we do not want to sell you the most expensive mattress — we want to sell you the right mattress so that you can sleep well at night and feel better tomorrow.

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