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Sleep Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

December 19, 2017  ·  3 min read

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Everyone knows hybrid mattresses made with individually wrapped coils are a popular mattress type. However, it can be a bit of a challenge for many people to determine exactly why that is.

The Top 5 Sleep Benefits of Individually Wrapped Coils

We made this handy list of top 5 ways in which individually wrapped coils help you get quality sleep to help you select the best mattress type for your best night’s sleep.

1. Reduced Partner Disturbance

Another benefit of individually wrapped coils is the significant reduction of partner disturbance. Individually wrapped coils are individually encased so they each respond independently to pressure. Any movements you or your partner make during the night, such as adjusting your sleep position, are isolated to only the coils directly beneath you. This enables you and your partner to sleep more soundly throughout the night.

2. Complete Support

Each coil responds individually to the contours of the body, enabling them to fill into the gaps of your sleeping form. This provides the best adjustment for your sleeping form, enhancing your comfort by reducing pressure points while ensuring the ultimate posturizing support.

3. Optimal Comfort

Another benefit of the fabric encased coils is their ability to minimize pressure points for premium comfort.

4. Enhanced Durability

The fabric encased coils are more durable than simple innerspring designs. This coil design enables most units to last longer than many other mattress types.

Not all individually wrapped coils are created equal. However, in general, the fabric encasement of the  coils provides an additional layer of protection for the springs inside so your bed provides longer lasting comfort and support. The comfort layers above the individually wrapped coils tend to last longer inside a hybrid mattress as well.

5. Cooler Sleep

Individually wrapped coils enable air to flow through the bed, creating a cooler sleep surface throughout the night. This creates a cooler sleep surface for deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Texas Mattress Makers

We are excited to share the Texas Mattress Makers experience and expertise with you through our website. If you have any questions about a mattress or its components, our experts are happy to help whether you buy from us or not. Call us at (713) 341-6252 – we’re open 7 days a week in East Downtown Houston and Katy! Or, you can email us at [email protected] and we will be happy to answer any questions you have!

We are happy to help you as you explore your mattress options and provide the answers you want to know about sleep! Take our Mattress Quiz today to get a mattress recommendation by one of our experts!

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