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Texas Mattress Makers Featured on Billion Dollar Buyer

February 13, 2018  ·  5 min read

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Every person in the Greater Houston Area was affected by Hurricane Harvey. In the wake of the aftermath, we all faced the daunting task of recovery while trying to get back a sense of normalcy. Normalcy for us however would be a bit delayed. Shortly before the storm hit, we agreed to appear on CNBC’s Billion Dollar Buyer show. Hosted by Tilman Fertitta, a Houston native who owns the Houston Rockets and a long list of businesses in the hospitality industry, we knew that going through with this project was not just another task. It became our mission to prove we are #HoustonStrong.

Even with the growing list of challenges we faced following the storm, we wanted to show Houston as a small business we could come together and accomplish this goal. In this special episode of Billion Dollar Buyer, viewers can follow our steps as we try to seal the deal with Tilman and work towards recovery while we strive to help our community – all at the same time.

The Bed Featured on the Show + Spoiler Alert!

If you watched the entire episode of the show, you would have seen one of our handcrafted mattresses go up against the beds featured in one of Tilman’s hotels. After a long, difficult set of challenges and a lot of hard work, we at Texas Mattress Makers are very excited to get the deal with Tilman! We completed a 30-day test with hotel customers and several Landry’s executives, which resulted in ninety percent of visitors saying they would buy the mattress. Tilman said “it feels like an expensive bed,” adding that it’s very comfortable. We are very proud of these results and to have this specially crafted bed featured inside Tilman’s hotels.

If you would like to learn more about this bed, please visit or call one of our showrooms for more information + a Special Sale on this bed!

We always encourage you to try a mattress in person before you make your final selection. Please visit one of our showrooms and we will work with you one-on-one to fit you to the best bed for your specific sleep needs. If this bed is not right for you, our Mattress Experts will help you find the right fit for your best night’s sleep at the best possible price.

A Message of Gratitude + A Better Night’s Sleep for All

As a local business deeply invested in the success of our community, we are proud to support Houston Children’s Charity’s (HCC) “A Better Night’s Sleep Program” on a yearly basis. Despite being affected by the storm ourselves, our community was the first major concern following the storm. With so many homes flooded in the area, we knew we needed to work even harder to recover so we could team up with the HCC once more. In the end, this joint initiative resulted in 5,000 beds for families affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Towards the end of our time with Tilman, we learned he was donating an additional 500 beds to this cause. We are absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed with this generous offer! A place to sleep at night is a basic need that no one should have to go without. It affects so many aspects of your life from job and scholastic performance, your health, and even your emotional well-being. This donation means so much to the people of the Greater Houston Area and will have a lasting effect on their lives.

Additionally, we are so grateful for all the encouragement, support, and enthusiasm shown by our local community in the Greater Houston Area and throughout the United States. Sharing our story, social media posts, or even just a kind word about us is always noticed and appreciated. Your feedback only helps us grow stronger as a local business and helps us spread our mission of providing everyone with a better night’s sleep.

If you would like to get involved with the charity featured on the show, please visit Houston Children’s Charity’s “A Better Night’s Sleep” program page.

If You Live Outside the Greater Houston Area

We are so grateful for the national exposure we obtained through the show.  Unfortunately, we only deliver in the Greater Houston Area, and we typically do not sell out of state. All out of state orders would need to get approval from management before we could do this because we strongly encourage people to try a mattress before they buy it. Our mission is to fit people to the best bed for their specific needs rather than turn a profit. We really would rather make sure you get the right fit than to make another sale. We also would not recommend that you purchase from us since freight itself would cost more than you would need to spend.

We are more than happy to give you a bit of guidance if you have any questions about your sleep concerns. However, our input will be limited without being able to work with you in person. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, and we really do appreciate your interest.


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