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Snooze News Ep. 7: Buying Your Mattress Online

December 10, 2018  ·  2 min read

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How many online purchases do you make each week? Our guess is LOTS! As all of our lives seem to be speeding up, the convenience of shopping online is sweeping the nation and the mattress industry. So we’ve listened to you…we get it…you want the ability to educate yourself and select the perfect mattress (made in Houston) online, whenever and wherever you want.

Texas Mattress Makers is now taking 40+ years of mattress industry knowledge online. We are simplifying the sales process to direct you to the perfect mattress with filters for your room-of-intended-use and your sleeping position.

Here are a few examples:

1. I have a guest room that is only used a few times a year when friends or family stay over. What should I purchase? We’ll answer that!
2. My 3-year-old child is ready for a bed of their own (the crib is too small!). What should I purchase? We’ll answer that!
3. My partner and I just got married. We like a firm bed that is supportive and doesn’t get too hot at night (whew!). What should I purchase? We’ll answer that!

Of course, we still encourage all of our customers to visit one of our showrooms (East Downtown or Katy). Purchasing a mattress is an investment of time with an outcome of more energy. The advantage of an in-person consultation is that you can touch-and-feel multiple mattresses, and, we can make recommendations based on our body type and any other physical concerns you may have.

So stay tuned and make sure to tell your friends and family – Texas Mattress Makers is the only place to purchase mattress online! Your mattress will be delivered to your door and set-up for you inside your home. No compressing your mattress into a small box that will deplete the life and function of your mattress – that’s just not a good idea!

For those of you that have already looked around, we will still offer our full showroom inventory online. But again, we strongly recommend that if you are ready to invest in a new mattress, our showrooms are open 7-days a week! We look forward to seeing you soon!

Ready to buy now? Here are our Online Specials!

Snooze News

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