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Snooze News Ep. 37: Sleep Awareness Week

March 2, 2020  ·  3 min read

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In Episode 37 we talk about the importance of sleep as we lead up to National Sleep Awareness week. That’s right – there’s an entire week nationally dedicated to reminding you how important sleep is to your physical and mental health, your emotional well-being and your attitude. Let’s be clear…this isn’t a sales message and we’re not giving you lots of free things (you don’t need) to make you purchase a certain mattress. We want you to sleep on the mattress that is right for you – it’s not a budget decision, it’s a comfort decision.

How Sleep Impacts Your Everyday Life

How’s your New Year’s resolution doing? Still going strong? Going to the gym 3-4 times a week to stay fit and healthy? What about the changes to your diet – those still in effect? If so – great! We are sincerely happy for you! If your New Year has taken a few twists-and-turns, consider this – it may be because you’re not sleeping on the proper bed. National Sleep Awareness Week is coming up and we’re here to remind you that sleep impacts everything you do throughout the day. Let’s talk more…

  • Diet – Your diet and the proper function of your body is directly correlated to how you rest. How your body recovers and functions while you are asleep (deep sleep) determines your diet (metabolism). If you sleep well, it is proven that cravings decrease, and you have a clear mind to make proper dietary decisions throughout the day. Your diet isn’t just about the food you consume, it’s what your body does with it afterwards. Sleep well and notice the change.
  • Emotions / Attitude – We all know the cranky person at home or at the office that stayed up too late watching TV, surfing social media, or watching Texas Mattress Makers videos on YouTube. If you don’t sleep well your emotions and attitude quickly take a turn for the worse. Don’t try to play catch-up with an extra cup of coffee, sleep well for 6-8 hours a night and let the people around you tell you about the change. Sleep well – be happy.
  • Physical Health – More important than your diet or getting in an extra spin class this week – have you considered how you’re sleeping? If you’re not exercising as much as you’d like and your body seems like it’s in a perpetual ‘slump’, it’s very likely because you’re sleeping on the wrong mattress. We all love to post on social media about the new exercise routine we’re trying out…or as Youval says ‘soft goat’…. but how often are you posting ‘slept great last night – ready for a great day’? Let’s start a revolution that celebrates sleep – good sleep that makes you feel great. You ready?

Check out the full episode to learn more!

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Snooze News

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