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Snooze News Ep. 33: Why Sleep Should Be One of Your New Year’s Resolutions

January 6, 2020  ·  2 min read

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In Episode 33 we’re talking about your new year’s resolution (new year, new you…right?!). We know the typical list of ways were going to change in 2020…go to the gym more often, eat better, work on relationships, etc. Is stopping by Texas Mattress Makers for a new mattress on your list? Well, it should be! A good night’s sleep impacts your physical and mental wellness, your motivation, energy-level and so much more. Get a pen out and rewrite your resolution for 2020 – sleeping well is #1. And, if you don’t believe us, take Youval’s advice and Google it for yourself!

Comfort Is Personal

The fact of the matter is that none of us have ever been educated on comfort. How do you know when you’re comfortable? How do you know when you’re uncomfortable – and why? How many times do you toss-and-turn every night? Can my comfort-level change over the years? All great questions!

We do know this – sleeping well is very important for our longevity and happiness. It’s not about your budget, what you’ve heard from your friends and family, or a clever marketing slogan that should determine which mattress is right for you. Rather, it’s your body type, shape, gender and sleep position. But who can help – we can!

Our recommendation is this – re-think your new year’s resolution. Start with sleeping well. Losing weight, eating better and restoring a long-lost relationship will all benefit from a good night’s sleep. Why? Well, it is scientifically proven that when you sleep well it is more likely that you will be physically fit, your metabolism is more chemically balanced, and your emotional intelligence gets a boost from a brain that is well-rested and ready to work.

Check out the full episode to learn more!

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Snooze News

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