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Sleep Tips for Hot Sleepers

August 2, 2019  ·  4 min read

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Do you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night in a pool of sweat? Sleeping hot at night is not uncommon but it can be unbearable – especially in the summer! Your mattress is most likely the number one culprit that you need to be mindful of if you are a hot sleeper. Our experts recommend investing in a mattress that has the right components that will help you sleep cooler and even wick away your body heat at night.

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9 Sleep Tips for Hot Sleepers

Other than your mattress, there are a few things you can do to help lower your body’s temperature and help you get the quality sleep you need to live a healthy and happy life.

1. Go to sleep in the right pajamas

It sounds silly, but wearing the right set of pajamas can actually help keep you cool at night and avoid late-night sweats! Whether you prefer loose-fitting cotton pajamas or a silky option, invest in something that will help you stay cooler at night. Bustle gives a good guide to follow when choosing your nightly attire. Or, if you are feeling up to it you could go to bed in your birthday suit! It has been said that wearing nothing at night actually will help you sleep cooler!

2. Stay hydrated

Drinking water throughout the day will keep you hydrated and promote a healthy lifestyle and good sleep quality. Drinking 8 ounces of cold water before bed is also good for cooling your body’s core temperature and it will prevent you from getting dehydrated at night. Be careful not to overdo it though or you may find yourself having to wake up for a bathroom run!

3. Make sure your room is the right temperature for bedtime

Studies claim that it is ideal to sleep in a room that is between 60-67 degrees. This may not be possible for those of us living in Houston, Texas but try to lower your room’s temperature as much as possible. If you just can’t justify the A/C cost, then you can always invest in a fan to put by your bed that will help cool you down as well.

4. Block out light during the day in your bedroom

You can help keep your room cooler throughout the day by blocking out sunlight throughout the day. Blackout curtains or blinds are great options to help do this.

5. Make sure you choose the right bedding

If you are a hot sleeper and you have a fluffy down-comforter it is no surprise that you are waking up in the middle of the night sweating! Look into purchasing cotton sheets or even a nice set of bamboo sheets that have been said to wick away body heat and help you sleep cooler at night.

6. Avoid late-night exercise

Try to exercise in the morning or during the day rather than too close to your bedtime. Exercising raises your body’s core temperature and will give you energy that in turn creates heat.

7. Take a warm bath or shower before bed

It may seem counterproductive to take a warm bath before bed but when you get out your body’s core temperature drops and this will help promote quality sleep.

8. Get an eye mask that you can freeze

Some people enjoy sleeping with an eye mask because it helps them stay asleep and block out any unwanted light in the morning. Why not take this a step cooler for all you hot sleepers and buy one you can freeze to help make you cooler at night!

9. Leave your bedroom door open at night

Cracking your door will help circulate the air in your room at night and help you get and stay cool. In addition, if you have any other doors that are attached to your bedroom, like a bathroom or even closet door, you can leave those open as well for the same effect.

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