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Sleep Tips for Cold Sleepers

July 31, 2019  ·  3 min read

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If you are cold sleeper there is nothing worse than waking up constantly trying to find ways to stay warm!  Quality sleep is important for your overall physical and emotional health and it can be heavily disrupted if you cannot seem to stay warm at night to stay asleep.  There are tips and tricks you can follow in your night routine that will help you sleep warmer at night and get the rest you need to feel refreshed in the morning!

8 Sleep Tips for Cold Sleepers

1. Drink hot tea (caffeine-free) before bed to help warm your body

When you drink a hot beverage such as tea, you are warming your body and its’ core temperature so that you can reach an optimal point of relaxation necessary for sleep.

2. Wear pajamas that will keep you warm and toasty as you sleep

If you are a very cold sleeper, you may want to look at Flannel or Fleece pajamas.  However, be careful when choosing those because you do not want to overprepare and wake up sweating at night.  Silk pajamas are a great investment as they are great at thermoregulation!  If you are cold it will help keep you cooler but if you start getting warm it will not heat you up so you can sleep peacefully.

3. Wear comfy socks to bed

When your feet are warm, your body’s core temperature tends to stay warm.  Don’t be surprised if you end up getting too warm and kicking them off in the middle of the night.

4. Bundle up with the right blanket.

Choosing the right blanket is important for keeping you warm throughout the night.  A fluffy down comforter will keep you warm throughout the night.

5. Cuddle more!

If your partner isn’t a hot sleeper like you, then you can definitely stay warm by cozying up to each other.  Body heat is a good source of warmth and it will make you feel closer to your partner if you are close throughout the night.  If you’re not too keen on cuddling but you have a four-legged friend then cozy on up with your pet…science says it’s better for you anyway.

6. Do some light yoga stretches before bed.

Moving around and building body heat close to bedtime is good to give you a slight surge of body heat.  Be sure not to overdo it because exercising too close to bedtime will also give you energy and you may find yourself too awake to go to bed.

7. Layer up with your blankets

Get an extra comfy throw blanket, such as a fleece throw, and snuggle up with it before going to bed.  If you get too warm you can always push it aside.

8. Put your PJs in the dryer before bed

Get yourself extra toasty and warm by putting your pajamas in the dryer before hopping into bed.  This feeling of warmth will not last all night but it will make you extra warm just in time to fall asleep and your blanket will do the rest of the work throughout the night.

Remember Your Mattress!

While you can do all the things we mentioned above to help you stay warm at night, nothing is more important than your mattress.  There are mattress components that will help retain body heat and are ideal for cold sleepers.  The good news is, as a cold sleeper you have fewer limitations than hot sleepers in terms of mattress components!

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