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Beat The Heat With A New Cooling Technology

July 2, 2019  ·  2 min read

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The summer heat is officially here in Houston and if you’re someone who has a hard time sleeping at night, maybe it has to do with the heat in your mattress. We teamed up with Derrick Shore and Houston Life to showcase the latest cooling technology to keep you temperature-neutral while you sleep!

At Texas Mattress Makers we’re always researching the latest technology to help you get your best night’s sleep – we only promote components that truly work and not those that just sound good for marketing. After several months of research and testing, we’re excited to showcase our new mattress component: The Ice Blue Cooling Technology. This technology is infused in the quilt of our Cannes Mattress Line and helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep at night.

What’s Ice Blue Cooling Technology?

This phase-changing material helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep at night. It does not actually make you sleep cold, but it helps prevent your body heat from being absorbed into your mattress components which makes you hot. Ultimately this product allows for a much cooler and more restful sleep.

Ice Blue Cooling Technology is sewn throughout the quilting of the mattress topper to help keep you temperature-neutral throughout the night.

This Ice Blue technology is an exciting and revolutionary product for the bedding industry. It’s important to understand that this technology does not actually make you cooler, but instead it keeps your body heat from being absorbed into the rest of your mattress. This also regulates your body temperature to remain neutral and prevents your body heat to go up as you sleep at night. We currently have this product featured on our Cannes Mattresses which comes in either a EuroTop, Plush or Firm feel.

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