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Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coil Mattresses

December 12, 2017  ·  2 min read

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Luxurious Comfort

Tiny micro coils increase the responsive areas of the bed so it fills into your sleeping form like a glove for optimal comfort.

Optimal Lumbar Support

Each coil is encased to respond individually to every curve of your body for premium support.

High Coil Count

This system boasts an extremely high coil count with nearly 200% more coils than a standard foam encased mattress!

Limited Partner Disturbance

Every surface movement is isolated, reducing partner disturbance for more restful sleep.

Made for All Body Types

Quantum® Micro Pocketed Coils flex and respond to all body shapes to provide supreme comfort to any sleeper. This coil unit is specially designed to offer premium support for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Premium Durability

Heat-treated, stress-relieved wire holds its shape and provides a durable, consistent sleep surface. This effectively limits sleep impression and wear over time. Each bed comes with the longest warranty periods available in our showrooms!

Compatible with Adjustable Foundations

The ONLY pocketed coil mattresses we recommend for adjustable foundations, Quantum® coils are specifically engineered to flex. While other coils become damaged, Quantum® coils are made to return to their original shape.

Texas Mattress Makers Exclusive Feature

Texas Mattress Makers is the largest source of beds made using the Quantum® coil. We are the only mattress store with beds featuring Quantum® coils in the entire state of Texas!

*Applies to Quantum® coil mattresses only. Mattress must be used as intended. A mattress cover and proper foundation support must be used with the mattress throughout the entire duration of use. Does not account for any changes to personal sleep preferences or support needs. Normal wear and tear which does not impact the use of the mattress will occur throughout its lifespan.

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