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#OneForOneBed Donation Goal Announcement

Texas Mattress Makers

September 19, 2016  ·  2 min read

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Each night, over 20,000 children in the Greater Houston area go to sleep without a bed. Since we became aware of this issue, we have made it our mission to help as many children as possible. This is our third year to partner with the Houston Children’s Charity and their A Better Night’s Sleepprogram. We are honored to work with them to help provide beds to Houston’s children to ensure they get the sleep they deserve.

Quality sleep is a key factor in children’s ability to learn and focus in school. A proper bed to sleep on has an immediate impact on the education of our children and ultimately, their future. During our 47 day #OneForOneBed event, we will donate a bed to a local child in need for every purchase of $500 or more.

Last year, with the assistance of our customers, we were able to help the HCC reach their annual bed donation goal. In fact, we were able to exceed our own donation goal by over 50%! This year, we want to do even better. With your help, we hope to provide 500 beds to Houston’s children.

The #OneForOneBed event is very dear to our hearts and it is something we cannot accomplish without your support. Your purchase during this time will help make an impact on our local community. Each bed will make a difference in a local child’s life.

Want to get more involved?

Learn more about the Houston Children’s Charity and their A Better Night’s Sleep program by visiting: https://houstonchildrenscharity.org/programs/better-nights-sleep/


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