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Memorial Day Matters

May 8, 2019  ·  2 min read

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At Texas Mattress Makers, we believe that Memorial Day is a time to honor those who gave their life for our freedoms.

For the 5th year in a row, we are closing our six showrooms on Memorial Day.

In our industry, Memorial Day has become the #1 day for sales and profit, but this is not just another three-day weekend.  This day is dedicated to remembering our fallen heroes and the sacrifice that they made so that we can enjoy living in this country.  We want our community to enjoy great savings but, on this day, we believe it is important to spend the time remembering the true meaning of Memorial Day so we are taking a stand. 

You can enjoy great savings all month long both in showroom and online. But on Monday, May 30th, let’s bring back the original meaning of Memorial Day together.

As a veteran himself, Texas Mattress Makers Owner and Founder, Youval Meicler wants everyone to remember what Memorial Day should be about: taking the time to honor the men and women who have fallen protecting our freedom.

“The United States and the freedom for which it stands, the freedom for which they died, must endure and prosper. Their lives remind us that freedom is not bought cheaply. It has a cost; it imposes a burden. And just as they whom we commemorate were willing to sacrifice, so too must we—in a less final, less heroic way — be willing to give of ourselves.”

-Ronald Reagan

Even though we are closing our door on Memorial Day, our customers can still enjoy savings and factory direct pricing all month long.  
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