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Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms

June 21, 2023  ·  7 min read

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If you’re on the hunt for the best mattresses for guest rooms, you’ve come to the right place. When most people are shopping for their guest room, their first thought is to find a cheap mattress that will simply “get the job done,” because hey, it beats an air mattress or the couch, right? Not really. 

Having your guests sleep on a low-quality mattress can result in a bad night’s sleep, leading to fatigue and even aches and pains the next morning. Everyone wants their home to be an inviting and comfortable space, so why would you let your guests sleep on a bed that lowers their sleep quality? In our expert opinion, nothing says Southern hospitality like a comfortable guest room mattress. 

Don’t let your in-laws or your friends from out of town sleep on a dingy mattress. Instead, here are some of our expert recommendations for the best mattresses for guest rooms.

How do I choose a guest mattress?

When choosing a mattress for your guest room, you should focus on three major factors: size, firmness level, and type

What size mattress should I get for my guest room?

Because every home is different, whatever mattress size you choose for your home will depend on the size of your guest room. The most standard mattress size for a guest room is a queen bed as it can comfortably fit one or two sleepers, making it the smartest choice for your guests. If you have more space at your disposal, a king-size bed is sure to be a treat for any guest. 

If your guest room has specific dimensions that won’t accommodate a standard-size mattress, ask our experts about getting a custom mattress made in any shape or size to fit your space perfectly.

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Find Affordable Guest Room Mattresses

What firmness level is best for a guest room mattress?

Here at Texas Mattress Makers, we believe that mattresses should not be tailored to the masses — however, when it comes to choosing a firmness level for a guest room mattress, you do have to think about which comfort level could please the most people.

We recommend getting a mattress that is in the medium comfort category. We carry three levels of medium mattresses: 

  • Medium-soft combines cloud-like softness with additional support for reduced sinkage and improved pressure point relief.
  • Medium offers a balanced sleep experience, balancing softer cushioning with dense, sturdy support.
  • Medium-firm are responsive to pressure while still providing stable, even surfaces that resist sinking.

Any of these medium comfort options can provide a wide variety of guests with a comfortable yet supportive sleeping surface. However, if you tend to have recurring guests stay in your home, understanding their needs can also help make your decision.

If you’d like to feel each for yourself, head on over to any of our mattress stores in Houston and try out our mattresses in person!

What type of mattress should I get for a guest room? 

First, here is a type of mattress that you should never buy: a bed in a box. As mentioned previously, many homeowners default to purchasing a cheap mattress for their guest bedroom, and the most commonly purchased cheap mattresses are beds in a box. A bed in a box is a one-size-fits-all mattress model that claims to be “just as good as a regular mattress” but actually has a shorter life span. Trust us, just don’t do it. You’re way better off finding a quality mattress for your guest room with us.

The key to finding the perfect mattress for guests is choosing a mattress that promotes universal comfort — meaning any guest can sleep comfortably regardless of their preferences. So, how do you find such a mattress? This is where we, the experts, come in with our recommendations. 

Our expert picks for the best mattresses for guest rooms

​​Monte Carlo Mattress

Despite its soft comfort level, the Monte Carlo Mattress is also well-known for its universal comfort and durability, making it a great choice for your guest room.

Here are the benefits of the Monte Carlo:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Euro Top comfort layer provides great support for your lower back
  • Foam encasement edge support for extra durability
The Monte Carlo Mattress is a soft mattress.

Berlin Mattress

The Berlin Mattress is an ideal mattress for a guest room based on the quality that you get for a great price! Your guests will rave about the great night’s sleep they had on this comfortable and supportive hybrid mattress.

Here are the benefits of the Berlin:

  • Budget-friendly option for guest rooms
  • Delivers quality comfort at a value price
  • Retains shape for years of quality sleep
The Berlin Mattress is a medium-soft mattress.

London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress

If you’re looking for a mattress that is handmade to suit almost any sleep need, let us introduce you to the London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress. This medium mattress is one of our best-selling mattresses that customers love to put in their guest rooms thanks to its universal comfort. If you open your home to guests frequently, such as your in-laws or friends, this mattress is worth the investment to give your loved ones a luxury hotel feel.

This mattress was also featured on Billion Dollar Buyer where Tillman Fertita selected this mattress over another big box brand to be featured in his hotel and casino in Las Vegas, the Golden Nugget. 

Here are some of the London mattress’s best benefits:

  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Plush top comfort layer for unparalleled relaxation
  • Two inches of graphite-infused memory foam for a breathable surface
  • Individually wrapped coils for motion isolation
The London Plush Top Deluxe Mattress is a medium-feel mattress.

Texas Mattress Makers Has the Best Mattresses for Guest Rooms

The best mattresses for guest rooms are mattresses that can provide comfort and support to a wide range of guests. Having a comfortable guest room mattress will make your home a more enjoyable place for your friends and family to stay. They can wake up well-rested and ready to tackle whatever the day has in store for them.

We understand that it’s common to not give too much thought to a guest room mattress, but we believe that every person deserves to sleep on a quality mattress wherever they go.

Whether you’re looking for your new guest bed or your very own dream mattress, Texas Mattress Makers has what you need. Our customers say we are the best mattress store Houston has to offer because we provide the highest quality mattresses for the best prices around! You won’t find better mattresses anywhere else.

Come visit our mattress stores in Katy, Downtown Houston, The Woodlands, Rosenberg, Humble, and Baybrook, TX and speak to our experts today about finding the perfect mattress for your guest room.

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