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A Mattress Component To Help You Sleep Cooler

July 1, 2019  ·  5 min read

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We all want to get a good night’s sleep so that we can perform better during the day and live an overall healthy life. However, it is no secret that being hot at night might be disrupting your sleep quality…especially since we live in Houston, Texas where Summer seems to last half of the year! The suggested bedroom temperature should be between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal sleep. But if you’re having trouble staying cool even with the A/C blaring, there are a number of reasons that you might be sleeping hot at night, and one of them might be your mattress!

Our sleep experts are constantly searching for real technological advancements in the bedding industry that can help our customers sleep better at night and improve the quality of sleep. This is why we are so excited to unveil our new mattress component: The Ice Blue Cooling Technology. This technology is infused directly into the quilt of our Cannes Mattress Line and helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep at night.

IceBlue Cooling Bed Technology

Ice Blue Cooling Technology is sewn throughout the quilting of the mattress topper to help keep you temperature-neutral throughout the night.

What’s Ice Blue Cooling Technology?

This is a phase changing material that helps regulate your body temperature as you sleep at night. It does not actually make you sleep cold, but it helps prevent your body heat from being absorbed into your mattress components which makes you hot. Ultimately this product allows for a much cooler and more restful sleep.

At Texas Mattress Makers we only promote components that work and not those that just sound good for marketing. We took this component for a test drive and were surprisingly happy with the results. One of our employees was given this as a topper to place over the mattress and here is what she said:

My fiance sleeps at approximately the temperature of the sun’s surface. Prior to having this product in our home I would wake up to . I am fortunate and am cold all the time, which made it difficult to sleep together and battling over AC and fans was a constant. I am happy to report that after three months of use I no longer wake up to a very sweaty man and a high AC bill. I am ecstatic that during this Texas summer heat we are still snuggling and he is sleeping better at night. – Caitlyn Pesl, Texas Mattress Makers Employee

This Ice Blue technology is an exciting and revolutionary product for the bedding industry. It’s important to understand that the technology does not actually make you cooler but instead, it keeps your body heat from absorbing into the rest of your mattress and therefore regulates your body temperature to remain neutral, preventing your body heat to go up as you sleep at night. We currently have this product featured on our Cannes Mattresses which comes in either a Plush top or Firm feel.

What’s Just Fluff?

We are always testing the latest technologies in our industry and being the manufacturer of our own mattresses gives us the edge and advantage of learning about the latest materials that are being introduced in the sleep industry. When “cooling gel” foam was the new hype, we decided to try out this material and see if it really was a quality product. One thing that we found was that it seemed to be cool to the touch at first and then as you continued to lay on it, it acted just as most foam do and retained body heat. This means that even though you initially feel cool on the mattress, as you continue to lay on it, the cooling feeling goes away and your body heat gets trapped. This is a common reaction for many foam components and the reason why we often recommend latex components or individually wrapped coils for those who need more airflow and a cooler sleep surface.

Want to learn more?

You can see this new technology for yourself at both our Katy and East Downtown locations if you would like to try it out and learn more about the product. If you go to our showroom and you find that you want the product but on a different mattress, please ask one of our showroom experts as we can always make this customization for you when we produce your mattress.

Want to learn more about this technology? Check out these Day Shows where the owner and President of Texas Mattress Makers, Youval Meicler, gives a bed-ucation on how you can utilize this IceBlue technology to help sleep cooler during this Texas Summer.

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Watch our Houston Life segment about Ice Blue Cooling Technology

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Watch our Great Day Houston segment about Ice Blue Cooling Technology

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