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Snooze News Ep. 35: 2020 Mattress Industry Trends

With over 40 years of mattress making experience, we’re still going to the Las Vegas Market to continue our education in the mattress industry. Why? Well, you’ll have to keep reading… Let’s cut-to-the-chase…what did we learn at this year’s Las Vegas Market? Trending Mattress Industry Trends Bed-in-a-Box: that’s right, the industry is still trying to […]

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Snooze News Ep. 23: Box Spring 101

box spring guide

Congrats – you’re smart enough to learn the proper way to support your new mattress! The support system under your mattress is often an after-thought in the mattress industry. And if not an after-thought, it’s marketing ‘spin’ to bundle a box spring with a mattress and can be confusing the consumer. Let us break it […]