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A Note from the Owner and Founder of Texas Mattress Makers:

I started working at a bedding and furniture manufacturing company over 35 years ago. At that time, Texas Mattress Makers was not part of my plan. My original goal was to make the highest quality products for the best possible price. Around 2011, I began to notice an increase in mattress returns, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with the beds in terms of their components, design, or construction. Upon further investigation, I came to a revolutionary conclusion: each of these beds were sold to the wrong person.

A mattress is not a “one size fits all” product. A bed that is comfortable and supportive for me might not be the right fit for your sleep needs. Unfortunately, I learned that the sales teams at the majority of retailers selling our products were not properly trained to fit a customer to the right bed for their sleep. This revelation led to the decision to open Texas Mattress Makers, a store that not only produces mattresses to sell directly to the public, but also sold each bed with the expertise needed to fit you to the best option based on your specific sleep needs.

We continue to make all of our mattresses inside our factory in Houston, Texas. Each of our Mattress Experts has made mattresses by hand. We have a thorough understanding of mattress components and how they come together to affect your sleep. Your personal sleep needs are our top priority, and our Mattress Experts are here to fit you to the right mattress for your body so you wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed.

At Texas Mattress Makers, we owe our success to the community which has helped us get where we are today. We believe in giving back to the people of the Greater Houston Area who have done so much for us. When a customer walks in to our showroom they become part of our family and we treat them with the same respect we would want for ourselves. On a larger scale, we are actively involved in numerous causes every year, most notably Houston Children’s Charity’s A Better Night’s Sleep program. On behalf of everyone at Texas Mattress Makers, I welcome you to join our family because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep.

– Youval Meicler, owner & founder