Mattress Myth 6: Customization = Expensive

Buying a mattress? Here is what to ask for.

This eye-opening video will help you understand that a custom mattress shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Watch
the video above to learn the right questions to ask so you get the most for
your money when you shop for a mattress!  View More Mattress Myth […]

Mattress Myth 5: The Only Thing That Matters When Choosing a Mattress is Comfort

The Secret Behind a “Comfortable” Mattress

A good mattress is not just about what you “feel” but is also about the “fill.”   This video debunks one of the biggest misconceptions about mattress buying and will help you learn why you should buy your mattress from the experts themselves.  View More Mattress Myth Videos »
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Mattress Myth 4: You Need to Buy a Mattress Every 8 Years

Do I Really Have to Replace My Mattress Every 8 Years?

Mattresses are only built to last as long as the materials contained inside. As long as you don’t cut it, burn it, or water it… the mattress could last well over 8 years.  The question is: What’s in yours?  View More Mattress Myth Videos […]

Mattress Myth 3: Relying on Technology vs. Experts

This Video Will Change Your Mind About the Importance of Sleep!

One of the top mattress experts in the country talks about common sleep challenges and how to fix them.  Not every salesperson is an expert in the product they sell.  You need to know everything there is about your product to call yourself an expert. […]

Mattress Myth 2: All Mattresses Are the Same

Are all mattresses the same? Watch the video to see how we settle this mattress myth once and for all!

While most mattresses look the same from the outside, the difference is in the details of the layers inside. This video takes us on a tour of what is inside a mattress and provides tips on […]

Mattress Myth 1: One Size Fits All

Thinking of buying a mattress online? What this video first!

A good mattress does not just roll up to your doorstep.   This video debunks one of the biggest misconceptions about mattress buying and the importance of receiving personalized advice throughout your mattress selection.  View More Mattress Myth Videos »
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