June 28th Childrens Fire Safety Event

Health and Medical Professionals have named May through August “Trauma Season”
due to the increase of ER visits and injury-related deaths for children.
Children are out of school for summer break engaging in more unsupervised
activities. One common form of injury during Trauma Season is
burned-related injuries. It is necessary to educate children and their
parents on […]

Houston Is Our Cause

For over 20 years, the Houston Fire Fighters Burned Children’s Fund (HFFBCF) has been helping to both prevent burn-related injuries through education and provide aid to children who have been injured. The HFFBCF has raised over $2 million to provide help & support to more than 3,000 children who have been affected by burn related […]

Houston Flood of 2015

On May 25th the Houston
Rockets were in game 4 of the Western Conference Finals for the first time
since 1997.  Houstonians were celebrating their team’s progress and enjoying the playoffs. Houston is not a stranger to heavy rain,
but nobody was ready for the storm that came Memorial Day weekend. By the end of the game there […]