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Snooze News Ep. 36: A Custom Made Mattress For Your Valentine

February 14, 2020  ·  2 min read

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Ever wonder how a custom mattress is made? Well in honor of Valentines Day and all the love birds who need a different “feel” in their mattress, we’re showing you exactly that in this episode of Snooze News!

Your Mattress; Made Your Way

This dual-comfort mattress features both a high-density foam and wider diameter individually wrapped coil unit on the right and latex with a quantum coil unit, which has a smaller diameter, on the left.

At Texas Mattress Makers, your custom mattress is never over-priced. As the manufacturer we’re able to build your dream mattress at no additional cost. When you purchase a custom mattress from our experts, you can expect:

    • To pay a fair price
    • To be comfortable (come see us if you’re not!)
    • To pick it up or have it delivered within 5 business days.

Check out Episode 36 of Snooze News below to learn more!

If you’re looking for a dual comfort or even a mattress that needs to meet specific dimensions for a boat, RV or antique bed, come see our experts! You can also learn more hereand fill out a form to have our experts reach out to you.

Snooze News

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