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Body Impressions vs Sag

Measuring the Dip

Place a broomstick (string may also be used as a substitute) from one side of the mattress to the other. Using a ruler, measure the distance between the lowest point on the mattress surface to the bottom of the broomstick. If the distance from the bottom of the impression to the top of the broomstick exceeds 2 inches the mattress body impression is not within the advised body impression depth. If the impression does not exceed 2 inches there is no need for concern. Please note that when measuring a memory foam mattress or mattress with memory foam topper, a few hours may be required before the foam fully decompresses to its natural state.

Mattress Comfort and Support

When people look for a mattress they are looking for something that will provide comfort while supporting their individual body shape. A good mattress will conform to your unique body shape so that it is both supportive and comfortable. While mattresses are made with many products, both natural and synthetic, it is the different variations of foam which provide different and desirable levels of comfort.* There are three types of foam that can be found in a mattress: polyurethane, viscoelastic, and latex foam. Polyurethane foam has a lower density than viscoelastic and latex foams. It is mainly used to give the soft and supple feel of the mattress. Viscoelastic foam (memory foam) is much denser and is mainly used for the conforming function of the mattress. Latex foam is the densest and is used primarily to provide support. A combination of the three enables the mattress to conform to ones’ body shape while providing support.

Mattress Body Impressions

Given that people usually sleep in the same area of the mattress every night, the foams are continually compressed in the same area. Within two of three nights of compression a small indentation will form on the mattress, also known as a body impression. Body impressions are clinically proven to help support spinal alignment and provide the pressure relief needed for a great night’s sleep. Many people can mistake this impression or dip as a defect in the mattress (i.e. sagging). If your mattress shows and indentation of up to 2 inches this is not a defect; it is the fibers and foam compressing and conforming to your body.

Your Unique Sleeping Form

The phenomenon of body impressions can be explained as similar to the process of breaking in a pair of new shoes. When you buy a new pair of shoes the soles of the shoes are initially straight which can often cause discomfort. As you continue to walk in the shoes the soles begin to conform to fit the natural curve and shape of your feet which results in a more comfortable fit. Similarly, there is no exact replica of your sleeping form but a good mattress will conform to your unique shape.

King Sized Illusions

There are four standard sizes of mattresses: twin, full, queen, and king. The twin, full, and queen have a mattress and matching box spring of the same size while two twin sized box springs are used with the king size. This causes the center of the mattress to be firmer where the two boxes meet. When two people sleep on a king size bed you never lay in the center of the mattress which makes the compression of the mattress seem deeper than it actually is.

*Please note: our foamless sleep mattresses are designed with materials specifically engineered to provide a combination of comfort and support without the need to obtain a lasting body impression

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