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Shop Now at Living Designs Furniture!

almost a quarter of a century, Noah’s Manufacturing has been quietly honing the
craft of mattress and furniture construction.We were determined to raise industry standards, making the best products
with the highest quality materials and construction processes.Our products were setting us apart and our
brand name could soon be found in retail stores around the world.But this is just the beginning of the

Before we were even aware ourselves,
we had been laying the foundation for a great change in the way Houstonians
would buy furniture.After two long
decades of dealing with retailers we learned that cost and price point were
quickly becoming the main factors in determining the goods that would be made
available to the public.

We were faced with a difficult
decision. We could meet the demands of the retailers and continue to lowers our
prices to the detriment of our product quality or we could risk everything and
disrupt the operations of our business and the natural order of our industry.
It was a huge gamble, but it was one we had to take.We knew that the only way to ensure that best
quality and value reaches the homes of the people of our community was to offer
our products direct to the public.

In 2012 we opened our factory doors
to offer our mattresses as Texas Mattress Makers, a move which is still resonating shock waves
throughout our local industry.With our
own store we were able to create the type of experience we believe the public
deserves by prioritizing the needs of the customer. Each mattress is sold for its value-added merits and guaranteed sleep
benefits rather than the name on the tag or number of the price.

After the success of Texas Mattress
Makers, we are now pleased to present Living Designs Furniture, which will
offer the same level of quality and value with one additional benefit –
personal style

Shop Now at Living Designs Furniture!