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June 28th Childrens Fire Safety Event


Health and Medical Professionals have named May through August “Trauma Season”
due to the increase of ER visits and injury-related deaths for children.
Children are out of school for summer break engaging in more unsupervised
activities. One common form of injury during Trauma Season is
burned-related injuries. It is necessary to educate children and their
parents on the importance of fire safety that can be used to help prevent these

June 15th-July 5th, we have partnered with the
Houston Fire Fighter’s Burned Children’s Fund (HFFBCF), a non-profit
organization helping families with children who are suffering from
burned-related injuries. During this
period, we will donate a portion of the proceeds to the HFFBCF in support of
their cause of helping burned children victims and preventing more cases in the

we will co-sponsor a Children’s Fire Safety Event with the HFFBCF on June
28th. In 2011, fireworks caused an estimated 17,800 fires. As
July 4th approaches, fire safety is a top concern within the Houston community. This event will have activities aimed at
teaching families fire-safety measures such as the best way to deal with a fire
should one occur. This event will feature a Smoke Trailer that will help
teach kids how to navigate and safely escape a room full of smoke. We
will also have some of your local fire fighters here giving tours of the fire
trucks and offering advice, should someone find themselves in a harmful, fire
related situation. They will demonstrate how to safely operate a fire
extinguisher which is something that we should all learn how to do to prevent a
fire from spreading. Along with these fire safety activities we will be
providing snow cones from Kona Ice and we will offer some great
giveaways! The HFFBCF will be handing out autographed copies of the Houston
Fire Fighter’s Calendar and smoke detectors (supplies limited)! It is
extremely important to educate families on safety measures that can potentially
save lives.