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Shop This Weekend For A Chance To Win $200

No Tricks, Just Treats Sales Weekend Shop this weekend only for the chance to win $200! Buying a mattress doesn’t have to be scary! Each day, one lucky customer will receive a $200 refund on their mattress purchase! How Do You Win? Shop at any location or online and a drawing will be held at […]


The COVID-19 Mattress Shortage

What’s Causing It & How We’re Continuing to Thrive  If you happen to have been in any other mattress stores lately, you may have noticed that most big retailers are suffering from a major mattress shortage. Wait times for receiving a mattress in these stores have extended from a week or two, to six-eight weeks, […]


Mattress Body Impressions vs. A Sagging Mattresses

Is there a difference between mattress body impressions and a sagging mattress? There is, in fact: body impressions are natural and help promote spinal alignment; a sagging mattress is not good for you at all. How can some “dents” in a mattress be better than others? The mattress experts at Texas Mattress Makers have the […]