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Houston’s #1 Mattress Store


If you have ever visited our homepage, you may have noticed the very boisterous claim that we are the #1 store on Yelp in Houston. Considering that Yelp is the #1 site consumers turn to for local business recommendations and boasts the most influential collection of reviews in one place, this is quite a claim indeed. Essentially, we are claiming to be the best mattress store in the Houston area according to the foremost experts on the subject.

By experts, we don’t mean Yelp, we mean YOU. Perhaps the most significant difference in our approach is that we consider our customers the true experts in determining which mattress is right for them. After all, we have the expertise to fit the right mattress to your body but only you, the customer, know how you sleep and how the mattress feels. As a result, our customers have given us Yelp’s highest 5 star rating and the greatest number of reviews for a mattress store in the greater Houston area.

Our reputation on Yelp is a part of who we are. The information we provide about what we do and what we stand for is not something we take lightly. We claim to be the #1 store on Yelp because not only do we have the best rating and highest number of reviews, Yelp has also ranked us as the #1 store on their Best Mattresses in Houston list. We are also the only mattress store on their Best Shopping in Houston list and #1 on the list for Best Home & Garden stores in Houston.

However, we continue to strive for improvement. While we do bubble with pride at every new review that pops up on our Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other pages we know we need to continue to work hard to maintain customer satisfaction. We are always open to new ideas to enhance our customer experience and product quality. Above all else, we believe it is this determination to improve that makes us the #1 mattress store in Houston.

Customer reviews stand as a reflection of the quality of service and products we provide to our community. Let your voice be heard today! Review us on Yelp »